I oppose any legislation that infringes upon the privacy or sovereignty of the lawful citizen under the false pretense of "national security.” The current NDAA and The Patriot Act should be repealed, and any future versions of the NDAA should never contain language that violates the U.S. Constitution.


Competition benefits the consumer. A larger network of private schools, and the ability to access them, is key to a more well-educated America. Students are no longer taught HOW to think; they are taught WHAT to think, often conflicting with personal beliefs and family standards. Essential life and social skills used to be taught in school, but the current culture of “entitlement” has diminished the capability of teachers to control activities in their classrooms and fails to teach the simple concept of respect.

Marriage Equality

A person's sexual orientation should not inhibit his or her rights. For many, this is a religious issue. Church and State were meant to be separated, and I support that Constitutional statute. This issue is dividing Americans when our true strength is in unity. Let people live their private lives.


While I support a woman's right to choose, we need to bring awareness to options that will protect the unborn. Programs like pre-natal adoption (allowing a family to adopt a child still in the womb, and cover the costs) and creating a database for those bearing unwanted children and those seeking to care for them, will reduce abortions. Awareness and education can greatly bridge yet another great divide between We the People. I do not support the use of public funding (tax dollars) to pay for abortions or to fund organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Military Intervention

We have over 900 military installations around the world. If we reduced our "defense" budget to 25% of what it is now, it would still be the largest in the world, by far. Many other countries are perfectly safe and there is no reason to believe we cannot be as well. Invading other countries creates too many commitments for the U.S., angers our neighbors, and literally creates thousands of enemies that we did not have before the invasion began. Let our troops spend more time at home strengthening our defense. Let us spend more time making trade instead of war. When countries have profitable relationships, war becomes far less appealing.


With over ten million persons living illegally in the U.S., it would be far too expensive to deport them all. A partial amnesty program for those already existing in the U.S., while making it easier for those not yet here to gain citizenship, should be explored. Work programs are the best way to avoid negative economic impact. After all, these are people who actually want to work and raise families. Those already within the U.S. will be put at the back of the line to gain citizenship, but should have the opportunity to gain it nonetheless. Children born on U.S. soil should be considered natural born citizens.

War On Drugs

The prohibition of alcohol did not work, and current drug prohibitions do not work. Instead of endangering the lives of our brave law enforcement officers as they battle a black market, and the billions of dollars it costs taxpayers, we should legalize and tax prohibited items. Our massive prison population is filled with non-violent offenders, let them learn and have a chance to be productive citizens. Violence in the black market is commonplace. Removing the incentive to commit crimes reduces the amount of drug related violence.

2nd Amendment And Civil Liberties

I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. We, the people, have a constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

The Internet must remain the censor-free, affordable, untaxed tool it is today.

The TSA should be dismantled. Having caught nothing but countless over-sized shampoo bottles and plenty of our tax dollars, the TSA and its invasive pat-downs and full-body scans need to go. Turn airport and airplane security over to the airlines and hold them accountable for the safety of their passengers. All federal investigators must be able to show probable cause before searching any individual.

I believe that persons convicted of non-violent crimes should have their voting rights restored once they have paid their debt to society. I would like to explore options for making this a reality.