Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Justin Upshaw has a vested interest in what happens in Virginia’s District 3. He volunteered for military service for the first time in 2000. After returning from his first deployment in 2003, Justin took a serious interest in politics and found the Libertarian Party. Filling his time attending classes at VCU and working in the security and corrections sectors, he eventually re-enlisted in the Army in 2009 as a Logistics Specialist. As Justin became more politically aware, he realized he could no longer continue his involvement in U.S. military intervention overseas and separated from the Army in 2013. Justin is running for Congress because he believes the U.S. Government is out of control and that Washington has lost touch with America.

Justin focuses on the justice system, education, and the economy as all of these massive entities are relative. More inmates means more tax dollars are being spent. Those millions of Americans have no chance to contribute to the economy. Economies that don't have a well-educated work force can easily stagnate and are slow to advance technologically, a key factor in economic growth. The Federal governments' disruptive control of the educational system has teachers not teaching student how to think, or life skills, but what to know to pass standardized tests. We have the resources to have the finest educational system in the world, and the market and society should hold sway in education, ensuring children are learning skills relevant to our ever-changing world.

Justin also believes we must stop the egregious "tax and spend" mentality in government. Instead of tightening the financial belt like responsible persons do when faced with budget difficulties, politicians just try to find more ways to take hard-earned wages out of the pockets of a struggling workforce and away from businesses that already deal with many fees, costs, and taxes. A reduction in all levels of government, and downsizing (and in some cases, eliminating) the various "alphabet soup" agencies will free the economy to become strong again, help restore liberty, save money, and allow for the reduction in taxes without abrupt disruption to operations.